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Launch Points contest.
Published on 16-01-2019
Hello dear Buxnami members.

We want to launch the Point contest.
The points contest is start from now and it will expire on next month Jan 18th.

Getting points follow :

15 points for $1 deposit.
10 points for recruiting new Direct referrals.
1 points for forum post.
1 point for click one ad.
1 point for clixgrid.


1st prize ---- $200.
(along with 10000 PTC Credits + 500000 banner credits)
2nd prize ----$125
(along with 5000 PTC credits + 200000 banner credits)
3rd prize -----$75
4th prize -----$50
5th prize -----$25
6th prize -----$10
7th prize -----$5
8th prize -----$2
9th to 15th place prize -----$1

Buxnami Admin
Welcome Everyone!
Published on 15-12-2018

Hello dear BUXNAMI member !! is a part of "TONI ADVERTISING LLC"

Thanks for joining as a members in our group named as "TONI ADVERTISING LLC"

Everyone Get 0.25$PB and 10days free Silver membership as a signup bonus. 

After a few years of experience and a few months of full preparation we are proudly launching BUXNAMI.COM

I started working in PTC sites since 2013. Im a fulltime user in so many top PTC sites. I already gained full experience with PTC. Finally i decided to launch today.

We would like to provide guaranteed and safely income to every members, based in your own work and activity dedication, you will have good income. While our members earn real cash by viewing the websites of our advertisers in real time.

Buxnami is an online advertising platform, Advertisers can reach thousands of potential customersand get to increase your sales with our actual traffic to your websites.

True story: 
I worked as a user in thousands of sites. Few sites stayed years. And lot of sites SCAMMED within few months. So here we have an good and more experiance as a users. We already planned and came with a good and stable site. We want to stay long. 
Bless us. 
Thank you !!!

Launch deposit bonus for all :
1. deposit above $10 and get 5% bonus to purchase balance.
2. deposit above $50 and get 7% bonus to purchase balance.
3. deposit above $100 and get 10% bonus to purchase balance.
4. deposit between $200 - $500 and get 15% bonus to purchase balance.
5. deposit above $500. Get Free GOLDEN 180 Membership + 15% bonus to puchase balance.

Promo expires on 27th of this month.